I am a God-driven and motivated Entrepreneur with over
10 years of proven track record of success and extraordinary
achievements in building companies from idea to very
successful ventures. Experienced in all aspects of business
development, including finance, operations, technology,
marketing, research and development.

I oversee all aspects of business development from market
research and finance to operations and marketing, ensuring
that the company's vision is followed and also maintains
professional relationships with potential investors and partners.

I love working with my team to develop innovative products
and services to simplify complex financial services .
Above all I love JESUS
C.E.OFrank AdibiCEO
I'm an engineer with over 12 years experience working in
technology companies. My previous roles span across
software development, marketing, product development
and business growth.

My role at CrownCity Technologies is to build and rapidly
scale our platforms using relevant technologies to simplify
complex processes and provide an ideal user experience .
C.E.OStephany LawsonChief Product Officer
I am a technical analyst and a software engineer with
over 10 years experience in full stack web and mobile
applications development, database and systems
architecture (DevOps) and I.T Administration.

My experience has provided me with innovative and
technical skills necessary to successfully contribute to
project planning, development and maintenance.

I love working at CCT because it provides the ideal
environment for me to share my skills and knowledge
to bring to life awesome ideas and innovations.
C.E.OBashiru MohammedLead Software Engineer
At CCT, I ensure that customer complaint are resolved in
an effective and timely manner, respond to enquiries
as well as help improve management systems, processes
and best practices.

I love that CCT acknowledges the power of God and
the authority of His Word. I love the company culture,
the goal-oriented leadership and the fact that I get to
learn something new every day from the professionals
I work with.
C.E.OMiracle Robertson SiaworOperations Associate
Working with people who are excited about their professions.
The firm also encourages a supportive working environment
which promotes both your personal and professional growth.
C.E.OHughes Boare DebazaaBusiness Dev. & Marketing Executive
I'm responsible for financial data entries, reconciliations
and also assist with quarterly and annual reporting.

As a young Professional Accountant, I always want the
opportunity to get real time experience from working on
challenging tasks.
The industry that Crowncity finds itself in presents complex
transactions which compel me to think through the balance
between knowledge and practice.
I'm happy to join a team who are very tolerant and allow
freedom without micromanagement.
C.E.OMichael DarkoAccount & Admin. Executive
I oversee the Business Performance and Reporting of
the company. Also, I ensure the company keeps accurate
and up to date records and statutory compliance. I enjoy
my role because CCT offers the right environment to make
significant contribution to the overall performance of the
company. I am a fellow of the Association of Chartered
Certified Accountants (ACCA) with over fourteen years
working experience in the Financial Services Sector

I enjoy my role because CCT offers the right environment
to make significant contribution to the overall performance
of the company.
C.E.OPriscilla Amaki AdusuChief Finance Officer
I am responsible for ensuring that the office premises
and assets are kept in good condition. I am also
responsible for procurement of goods and services
for the company.

Working with a supportive CEO and other colleagues
who are passionate about their jobs makes every task
easier and interesting to perform.
C.E.OCourage Komla AdibiFacility Supervisor
I assist in the development and maintenance of various
CCT software products.

I appreciate the opportunity CrownCity Technologies has
given me to help develop my career goal.
C.E.OJemilu MohammedFull Stack Developer
As a Back Office Operations Executive, my role is to
provide all business functions related to the company's
operations as well as facilitate and equip the Client
Relations personnel to perform their client facing duties
through excellent communication. I have the chance to
learn as well as input my opinions and strengths into the
formation and diversification of the company.

Being an artistic person with a passion for creativity and
entertainment, CrownCity Technologies has offered me the
golden opportunity to not only execute my given role but
also write up blogs and organize events and activities that
can make work less stressful and that always brightens
up my day.
C.E.ONana Yaa AgyekumheneBack Office Executive
The unpredictability in my schedule keeps things interesting
and my days are always fascinating because of the
variety of duties I'm assigned to.

The firm gives me the opportunity to learn new things each and
every day due to meeting a diverse range of people while
working collaboratively with others for a successful outcome.
C.E.OAkua Akoto BoahenFront Desk Executive and P.A to CEO
My role is to ensure that CrownCity Technologies
is compliant with all laws and regulatory directives that
relates to the business of the company. To achieve this,
I assist in putting systems in place to aid compliance
and risk management. I also ensure employees remain
compliant with internal policies, procedures and
controls to protect the company from potential risk.
I admire the spirit of love, inclusiveness and can-do
attitude among employees. I am a Certified
Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) with over
thirteen years’ Compliance and Assurance experience
in the Financial Industry.
C.E.OEmmanual AnkuRisk & Compliance Manager
I am responsible for creating, developing and supporting
high value strategic partnerships with Financial Service
Providers and Distribution Partners. I manage and grow
our product portfolio in line with CCT’s business model,
by deploying the technology stack that connects
entrepreneurs and consumers to our platform.

“If we, as an industry, really listen to our customers we will
realize that they don’t really want credit, but that they
actually want improved quality of life for them and their
families. Our challenge is to educate and assist our
customers to satisfy this need by using credit responsibly.
“I find myself in an environment where my daily
responsibilities are geared towards this passion.
C.E.OMichael Atsu AmetamehBusiness Dev. & Marketing Manager
As a Back Office Executive my functions include data
management and entry,
analyzing market trends as well as providing management
support. To ensure clients receive the best of services,
I work closely with other departments to help resolve
clients and products related issues.

I enjoy working with CrownCity Technologies because
it gives me the opportunity to learn outside my
career goals and embrace new and tougher challenges.
C.E.OChristian Yaw AmegahBack Office Executive
I create a rough layout for design projects and follow them
through to completion. I use digital illustration softwares to
express my ideas to contribute to the productivity of CCT.

Having the right environment to be able to meet the
demanded goals and expectations is very key in my case.
And that's exactly what CCT has provided me.
C.E.OSolomon LanderCreative Designer
I focus on all aspects of product development, including
designing, usability and functionality.
I create digital experiences for the users of our products
by creating interfaces for our various digital products.

I love my work because it makes me interact with
members from various departments and I get to learn
a lot from them.
C.E.ODouglas BillyUI / UX Designer
I am a software engineer about passionate
developing programs, micro-services to solve
problems while keeping amazing and interactive
user experience a top top priority.

At CrownCity Technologies I work closely with my
amazing teammates to transform ideas from pixels
and slightest thoughts into scalable and innovative
world-class products.
C.E.ODerrick KetekuDeveloper